De-vulcanized Rubber Compound -DRC Capabilities

De-vulcanized Rubber Compound-DRC
De-vulcanized Rubber Compound (DRC) is a replacement for virgin rubber compound that is created by applying LEVGUM’s process and EDV to Sulphur cured waste rubber.

 Advantages to De-vulcanization

  • LEVGUM’s highly efficient de-vulcanization process is carried out by adding LEVGUM‘s modifier (EDV) to vulcanized rubber brought into a stress condition in a two-roller mill for approximately 20 passes. The resulting DRC can be used for a wide range of applications as a substitute for virgin rubber compound. LEVGUM‘s Process advantages are.
  • No need for rubber waste to be ground into very fine powder.
  • Completely clean and environmentally safe
  • Only a small percent of EDV (about 3%, by weight of the rubber to be De-Vulcanized) is needed.
  • The process, which uses a two-roller mill, can be adapted to most rubber production factories and no special equipment is necessary.
  • LEVGUM’s DRC retains most of the characteristics and properties of virgin rubber compounds. Thus, the quality of LEVGUM’s recycled rubber is high enough to be included in any product currently utilizing virgin rubber compound.
  • For the first time, as a result of LEVGUM’s revolutionary technology, high-quality recycled rubber compound can replace virgin rubber compound with a significant cost savings, thereby ensuring a better and more lucrative future for the rubber industry.


Uses of DRC

The superior quality recycled rubber compound (DRC) which results from the LEVGUM process is used together with virgin rubber compound at concentrations ranging from 10% – 20% in tires to 30% – 90% in a range of other products. Among the products currently being produced with compound containing LEVGUM‘s DRC, are:

  • Truck and OTR treads and tires
  • Camel Backs
  • Solid Tires, Flaps
  • Automotive Parts: oil seals, foot-rests, motor cushions, mud protectors, etc.
  • EPDM applications
  • Conveyor belts
  • Mats
  • Shoe Soles
  • Off production lines waste.L
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