• Established in 1998 in Israel and was supported until 2001 by the Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor (through an incubator). The company is privately owned.
  • LEVGUM has developed the world’s leading commercially proven and ecologically friendly rubber devulcanization technology. LEVGUM‘s technology has transformed the growing problem of used tire recycling and other vulcanized rubber recycling into an exciting and socially responsible business opportunity.
  • In brief, LEVGUM‘s intellectual property is utilized to create an Ecological De-Vulcanizer (EDV), a chemical modifier which breaks down the sulfur links that connect the rubber polymer chains in vulcanized rubber. The result is a De-Vulcanized Rubber Compound (DRC) which can be substituted for virgin rubber compounds. The cost of the DRC is approximately 50% of virgin rubber compounds wherein lies the business opportunity.
  • The company’s business is to sell licenses for the use of its technology and related know-how.
  • Thousands of metric tons of DRC (De-vulcanized Rubber Compound) have been produced every year for over 15 years using LEVGUM‘s technology and related know-how.
  • DRC is being used in a wide variety of rubber products from tyres to mats and everything in between.
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