LEVGUM's Licensing Model

LEVGUM sells licenses for the use of its technology and related know-how. The license model is to grant exclusivity based on geographic territory and is contingent upon minimum annual purchase volumes of EDV for which LEVGUM is the sole supplier.The cost to the end customer from LEVGUM’s licensee of the DRC (produced through the use of the EDV) is approximately 50% of virgin rubber compounds wherein lies the core of the business opportunity. This opportunity can be leveraged to create a profitable long-term business by market segments including:
  • Tyre and rubber recyclers
  • Rubber product producers
  • Rubber compounders
  • Rubber granulators
  • Recyclers wishing to enter the field of rubber recycling
For further information on LEVGUM’s licensing offer, please contact:Dr. Ran Zamir – CEO[email protected]L
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